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This article deals with the evaluation of the chemical purity of iodine-filled absorption cells and the optical frequency references used for the frequency locking of laser standards. We summarize the recent trends and progress in absorption cell technology and we focus on methods for iodine cell purity testing. We compare two independent experimental(More)
—Progress on the development of a frequency chain devoted to the absolute frequency measurement of 127 I 2-stabilized lasers around 563.2 THz/532 nm is reported. The aim of this work is the improvement of the accuracy—by at least one order of mag-nitude—of the absolute frequency of this standard. The scheme is based on the frequency combination of two(More)
|An absolute frequency measurement of a CO 2 =OsO 4 secondary frequency standard, operating in the mid infrared, is reported. A brief description of the measurement chain linking this standard to a hydrogen maser evidences the critical points. The measured frequency stability shows that the measurement system reaches the icker oor of the frequency standard,(More)
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