Ouajdi Korbaa

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This paper presents a logical abstraction of the reachability graph of a timed Petri net using constraint programming. We apply it to the scheduling of transient inter-production states for cyclic productions in Flexible Manufacturing System. So, we propose to adapt the approach of Benasser and Yim (1999) based on the search of the accessibility by means of(More)
This paper concerns the domain of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and focuses on the scheduling problems encountered in these systems. We have chosen the cyclic behaviour to study this problem, to reduce its complexity. This cyclic scheduling problem, whose complexity is NP-hard in the general case, aims to minimise the work in process (WIP) to satisfy(More)
Computer security is far from being guaranteed due to the scalability of computer networks, the constant evolution of risks and the presence of noisy information. Several solutions were proposed to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of resources, including intrusion detection systems (IDS). The main objective of the current work is first(More)
Our interest in this paper is about the cyclic scheduling problem for Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). We present a Multi-Agent Model for scheduling the transient states between successive cyclic productions which is called transient inter-productions. This new state allows going from a cyclic state to the following one. Our model is composed of(More)