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Task scheduling and core mapping have a significant impact on the overall performance of network on chip (NOC). In this paper, a unified task scheduling and core mapping algorithm called UNISM is proposed for different NOC architectures including regular mesh, irregular mesh and custom networks. First, a unified model combining scheduling and mapping is(More)
Fixed-outline floorplanning, which enables hierarchical design, is considered more and more important nowadays. In this paper, a novel SA-based Fixed-outline Floorplanner with the Optimal Area utilization named SAFFOA is introduced to improve the total wirelength. The basic idea is to build and solve a group of four quadratic equations in four variables(More)
The conventional tools for mismatch elimination such as geometric symmetry and common centroid technology can only eliminate systematic mismatch, but can do little to reduce random mismatch and thermal-induced mismatch. As the development of VLSI technology, the random mismatch is becoming more and more serious. And in the context of Silicon on Insulator(More)
As a global interconnection, bus is critical for chip performance in deep submicron technology. Reducing bus routing vias will facilitate the lithography and give bus routing a higher yield and also a higher performance. In this paper, we present a floorplan revising method to minimize the number of reducible routing vias with a controllable loss on the(More)
We derived a second-order S-switching iterative map describing the dynamics of simple feedback Buck switching regulator operating in continuous mode. Analysis of this map shows that chaos and bifurcations may occur along with the changing of values of some system parameters. By making the converter operating in chaos, the simulation results demonstrate that(More)
More and more IP cores are used in modern SOC designing. In order to place IP cores effectively, hierarchical design has been introduced and better supported by fixed-outline floorplanning than outline-free [1]. In this paper, we also consider buffer insertion issue in fixed-outline floorplanning with the help of the Less Flexibility First (LFF) algorithm,(More)
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