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Recently, great concerns have been raised regarding the issue of medical image protection due to the increasing demand for telemedicine services, especially the teleradiology service. To meet this challenge, a novel chaos-based approach is suggested in this paper. To address the security and efficiency problems encountered by many existing(More)
Gap junction intercellular communication (GJIC) is important in mediating intercellular substance and signal transmission. Connexin (Cx)43 is a major component involved in GJIC in vascular tissue and its abnormal expression is closely associated with various vascular diseases. Insulin resistance is the central component of metabolic syndrome, and high doses(More)
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined by the Murmur2 hash value of the original image.(More)
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