Otto Visser

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—Online match-based games, such as the online versions of the board game of chess, have already captured a global audience of tens of millions of players. Through a unique combination of characteristics, a relatively short duration— often " coffee-break " minutes instead of hours of continuous gameplay—, weak correlation between matches, and clear emphasis(More)
—Today, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games entertain tens of millions of players worldwide. This growing population expects new game designs and more scalable games every year. However, few tools and environments exist for game designers and implementers; of these, even fewer are available to researchers and game communities. In this work, we introduce RTSenv,(More)
Simulators are indispensable tools to support the development and testing of cooperating objects such as wireless sensor networks (WSN). However, it is often not possible to compare the results of different simulation tools. Thus, the goal of this paper is the specification of a generic simulation platform for cooperating objects. We propose a platform that(More)
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