Otto Schwelb

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A network model for surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) structures fabricated along arbitrary and hence nonsymmetric orientations, including natural single-phase unidirectional transducer (NSPUDT) directions, is described. From the predictions of this model for SAW gratings. the frequently used coupling of modes (COM) phenomenological description is evaluated. The(More)
A two-step proton-exchange process to produce waveguides and gratings in lithium niobate is described. In both steps, mixtures of lithium benzoate and benzoic acid are used. The fabricated components are characterized at 0.633 and 0.422 µm. In particular, we observe that the light intensity diffracted into the air by the grating is ~0.5% of that in the(More)
A numerical method of rapidly computing the width of the stopband of a shallow grating in a SAW filter and the dependence of this bandwidth on fabrication parameters is presented. The method is based on the properties of the equivalent circuit of the unit cell at the transition frequencies. Numerical results illustrate the variation of the relative(More)
A systematic procedure for modeling, simulating, and designing SAW (surface acoustic wave) grating filters, taking losses into account, is described. Grating structures and IDTs (interdigital transducers) coupling to SAWs are defined by cascadable transmission-matrix building blocks. Driving point and transfer characteristics (immittances) of complex(More)
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