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The Protein Data Bank (PDB) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, is a database containing experimentally determined three-dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids and other biological macromolecules, with approximately 8000 entries. Data are easily submitted via PDB's WWW-based tool AutoDep, in either mmCIF or PDB format, and are most conveniently(More)
Molecular biology data are distributed among multiple databases. Although containing related data, these databases are often isolated and are characterized by various degrees of heterogeneity: they usually represent different views (schemas) of the scientific domain and are implemented using different data management systems. Currently, several systems(More)
We present an architecture of collaborating software agents which is supposed to tackle the problem of information integration in a flexible and generic way. An intended system is supposed to offer a transparent view onto information resources (data sources and software tools) for genomic research and to be able to adopt to the constantly evolving(More)
The parallel pipe PAR_PIPE is a communication mechanism. Data which are written to the PAR_PIPE by a single process can be read by multiple processes concurrently in first-in-first-out manner, where all reading processes read the entire data stream. We use a dynamic partitioned buffer limited in size only by available hardware resources to ensure that the(More)
V sequence fx k g. Similar result is also true for quasi-Newton methods with trust region (see [16]). Another type of special quasi-Newton methods is that the quasi-Newton matrices are sparse. It is quite often that large-scale problems have separable structure , which leads to special structure of the Hessian matrices. In such cases we can require the(More)
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