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The glycolytic pathway is described by a set of coupled non linear differential equations of first order with respect to time. The individual terms of these equations consist of enzyme velocities assuming a steady state hypothesis for the enzymatic forms. These are specified and the system is solved numerically. Oscillations are explained by interaction of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate in vertigo patients in routine practice to what extent a rapid and straightforward triple bedside test (spontaneous nystagmus, head-shaking nystagmus, and the head impulse test) can predict a normal result on caloric testing. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, single-blind, diagnostic study. SETTING Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS(More)
Human low density lipoproteins (LDL) were incubated with increasing amounts of sodium hypochlorite. A decrease of the number of free amino groups on the LDL surface starts only upon addition of 30-40 moles NaOCl per mole apoB, whereas all detectable SH groups are oxidized after addition of nearly 17-20 moles NaOCl. All hypochlorite-modified LDL samples have(More)
Modelling of pollen dispersal and cross-pollination is of great importance for the ongoing discussion on thresholds for the adventitious presence of genetically modified material in food and feed. Two different modelling approaches for pollen dispersal are used to simulate the cross-pollination rate of pollen emerged from an adjacent transgenic crop field.(More)
ExtrelutR extraction and glass capillary gas chromatography were applied to the routine determination of nicotine and its metabolites cotinine, nicotine-1'-N-oxide and cotinine-1-N-oxide in urine and plasma. After extraction of nicotine and cotinine both N-oxides and phendimetrazine-N-oxide (used as internal standard) were reduced to their bases by SO2(More)
Population-level effects of global warming result from concurrent direct and indirect processes. They are typically described by physiologically structured population models (PSPMs). Therefore, inverse modelling offers a tool to identify parameters of individual physiological processes through population-level data analysis, e.g. the temperature dependence(More)
In order to evaluate the contribution of volatile nitrosamines from tobacco smoke to indoor air pollution, N-nitroso-dimethylamine (NDMA) and N-nitroso-diethylamine (NDEA) were measured in indoor air under artificial and natural conditions. In controlled experiments under extreme conditions, we found that tobacco smoke-related NDMA levels above 0.07(More)