Otto Rentz

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In this paper we present a bottom-up modelling approach of electric power and CO 2-certificate markets including a detailed modelling of renewables using agent-based simulation: The PowerACE model. It has been developed at the The market players of the German electricity market are modelled as independent entities. It is well suited to consider different(More)
The real-time online decision support system RODOS provides support throughout all phases of a nuclear or radiological emergency in Europe. The multi-criteria decision support tool Web-HIPRE has been integrated into RODOS for a transparent evaluation of long-term measures, taking into account the preferences of a decision making team. However, a decision(More)
Contributing to transparency and traceability of decision making processes and taking into account the preferences of the decision makers, multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) is suitable to bring together knowledge from different disciplines and fields of expertise. The modelling of the decision makers' preferences is a crucial part of any(More)