Otto J. Bakker

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The transcription factor C/EBP is known to be able to bind to two different classes of sites, a CAAT-box and one present in a number of viral enhancers. In this paper we show using band-shift assays, methylation interference and footprinting that C/EBP is also able to bind with high affinity to ATF/CRE sites. Competition with mutant ATF sites and(More)
The expression of the gene for the C3 polypeptide is confined to the ventral prostate of the male rat and is regulated by androgens. To study the mechanism of this tissue-specific and hormone-dependent regulation we have used DNase-I footprinting and band-shift assays to locate binding sites for nuclear proteins isolated from different tissues. In this(More)
We have investigated the importance of the TATA box element in the induction of transcription by the progesterone receptor. Transcription was analyzed from promoters containing a steroid response element upstream of a wild-type or mutated TATA box. Mutation of the TATA box resulted in a loss of correctly initiated transcripts and abolished binding of TATA(More)
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