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This paper presents calculation and measurement results of a high-performance permanent-magnetic gear. The analyzed permanent-magnetic gear has a gear ratio of 5.5 and is able to deliver 27 N/spl middot/m. The analysis has shown that special attention needs to be paid to the system where the gear is to be installed because of a low natural torsion spring(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Modelling the effects on the built environment of natural hazards such as riverine flooding, storm surges and tsunami is critical for understanding their economic and social impact on our urban communities. Geoscience Australia and the Australian National University are developing a hydrodynamic inundation modelling tool called AnuGA to(More)
Man-made mineral fibers (MMMF) and other airborne dusts were measured in 105 rooms in a representative sample of public buildings, excluding rooms with physically damaged boards or buildings with notable indoor climate problems. There were no differences in the MMMF concentrations with respect to the type of binder. The average concentrations ranged from 17(More)
A materials structural and chemical composition influences its optical scattering properties. In this paper we investigate the use of subsurface laser scattering (SLS) for inferring structural and chemical information of food products. We have constructed a computer vision system based on a supercontinuum laser light source and an Acousto-Optic Tunable(More)
Statistical solutions find wide spread use in food and medicine quality control. We investigate the effect of different regression and sparse regression methods for a viscosity estimation problem using the spectro-temporal features from new Sub-Surface Laser Scattering (SLS) vision system. From this investigation, we propose the optimal solution for(More)
Data Mining applications have to deal with increasingly large data sets and complexity. Only algorithms which scale linearly with data size are feasible. We present parallel regression algorithms which after a few initial scans of the data compute predictive models for data mining and do not require further access to the data. In addition, we describe(More)
Nordic Semiconductor ASA reserves the right to make changes without further notice to the product to improve reliability, function or design. Nordic Semiconductor ASA does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuits described herein. These products are not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or(More)
We present a method for determining the three-dimensional intensity distribution of directed laser radiation with micrometer resolution in restricted volumes. Our method is based on the incoupling and guiding properties of optical fibers, with the current version requiring only a few hundred micrometers across the measuring volume. We characterize the(More)
Light scattering in turbid media can be related to the microstructure of media. Thus, light scattering can potentially be used for process control of products where the structure is a key component. However process control requires robust and sensitive input data to function properly. In this study we investigate different decomposition methods for(More)
We present a study on predicting the concentration level of synthetic astaxanthin in fish feed pellet coating using multi- and hyperspectral image analysis. This was done in parallel using two different vision systems. A new instrument for hyperspectral imaging, the SuperK setup, using a super-continuum laser as the light source was introduced. Furthermore,(More)