Otto Gröntoft

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The results of the Swedish two-county trial of mammographic screening for breast cancer are presented, updated to December 31, 1990, which is an average of 10.8 years follow-up per person. The main result of the trial in terms of breast cancer mortality remained the same: compared with the control group, the group invited to screening had a relative breast(More)
A randomised controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of mass screening with single-view mammography in reducing mortality from breast cancer was started in Sweden in 1977. 162 981 women aged 40 years or more and living in the counties of Kopparberg and Ostergötland were enrolled in the study and divided at random into 2 groups. Each woman in the study(More)
The results of the Swedish two-county study are analysed with respect to tumour size, nodal status and malignancy grade, and the relationship of these prognostic factors to screening and to survival. It is shown that these factors can account for much of the differences in survival between incidence screen detected, interval and control group cancers but to(More)
A randomised controlled trial of mass screening for breast cancer by single-view mammography was begun in Sweden in 1977. All women aged 40 and older and resident in the counties of Kopparberg and Ostergötland were enrolled. The present report is confined to the Ostergötland study, which started in 1978 and comprised 92 934 women. After randomisation, which(More)
In a mammography screening programme for the early detection of breast cancer 66 cases of ductal cancer in situ of the breast (DCIS) were diagnosed between 1978 and 1984 and prospectively followed up. In the beginning of the study period, DCIS was treated by mastectomy without axillary clearance but sector resection has been performed increasingly. Since(More)
The WHO classification of urothelial bladder tumours is widely used, but does not seem to be entirely satisfactory. The main problem is the unhomogeneous WHO II group, and borderline cases in particular are difficult to evaluate histopathologically. Objective assessment of atypia would allow more reliable correlation between morphology and biological(More)
The aim of the present study was to obtain a more objective evaluation of nuclear hyperchromasia and polymorphism in laryngeal epithelium. The method is based on a photometric assay of nuclear size and DNA content in Feulgen stained slides. The DNA content of hyperchromatic nuclei should exceed the mean for nuclei of normal epithelium by more than twice the(More)
Uteri from four patients with endometrial adenocarcinoma and concomitant "functioning" endometrium were examined by a whole-organ sectioning technique. All showed one or several "progesterone-refractory" mucosal areas or polyps, mainly in the tubal recesses. In one patient the adenocarcinoma obviously originated in a fundal polyp, and in the others the(More)
Surgical specimens from 87 patients with endometrial carcinoma, stage I, preoperatively treated by intracavitary irradiation were investigated by a whole-organ sectioning technique. Re-examination of the curettage material showed cancer stage 0 in 8 (9%) and carcinoma state I in 79 cases (91%). In the stage I cases 57% showed residual carcinoma localized(More)