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Swallowing, speech, and morbidity were assessed postoperatively in 25 patients, 18 of whom had had intraoral defects reconstructed by lateral upper arm free flaps (LUFF) and 7 by radial forearm free flaps (RFFF). Video fluoroscopy was used to assess swallowing, the Freiburger audiometric test to assess speech; and measurement of arm circumference to assess(More)
This study assessed swallowing function after tumour resection and reconstruction utilizing free vascularized flap closures in patients with oral cancer. Swallowing function was evaluated postoperatively in 23 patients (21 men and 2 women) who had undergone reconstruction with either a lateral upper arm free flap (LUFF, n=16) or a radial forearm free flap(More)
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) function was evaluated following endoscope-assisted transoral open reduction and miniplate fixation of displaced bilateral condylar mandibular fractures. The transoral treatment of bilateral condylar fractures was performed in 13 patients from May 2000 to December 2004. Eleven of the 13 patients had additional mandibular(More)
Twenty-three consecutive patients who were reconstructed with a lateral upper arm free flap (LUFF) were examined especially concerning functional and morphological results at the recipient and donor sites. There were 22 intraoral and one upper oesophageal reconstruction after radical laryngectomy. The LUFF rendered good functional and esthetic results(More)
BACKGROUND From April of 1998 to May of 2003, the minimally invasive transoral approach for endoscopically assisted reduction and osteosynthesis of 62 displaced condylar mandible fractures was performed in 58 patients. METHODS By means of limited transoral incision, the endoscopically assisted reduction and fixation of condylar fractures was performed(More)
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