Otto E. Laske

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The following excerpts are from an interview with Marvin Minsky which took place at his home in Brookline, Massachusetts, on January 23rd, 1991. The interview, which is included in its entirety as a Foreword in the book Understanding Music with AI: Perspectives on Music Cognition (edited by Mira Balaban, Kemal Ebcioglu, and Otto Laske), is a conversation(More)
The artificially intelligent computer performer is a software program that enables a computer to accompany, in real-time, live performers. The computer is, in effect, a participating member of a musical ensemble. It interacts with the musicians by listening to them and it makes musical decisions based on what it hears and what it Imows about music. The(More)
Based on the consulting experience that the conventional enablers of learning and growth in the balanced scorecard framework (BSC) are insufficient for “driving down” strategy, we introduce into BSC an additional tier of “meta-enablers” for learning and growth. Meta-enablers are mental-growth competencies that ground and enable the conventional enablers ,(More)
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