Otto E. Herrmann

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An algorithm for switchbox routing, called PACKER, is presented. In an initial phase, the connectivity of each net is established in a fast way without taking the other nets into account. In general this will give rise to conflicts (short circuits). In the second stage the conflicts are removed iteratively using Connectivity preserving local transformations(More)
Based on a simpliied nonlinear lumped element model of the electrodynamic loudspeaker in either a closed or a vented cabinet, a new nonlinear controller is derived, simulated and implemented on a DSP. The Volterra series expansion , a well known functional expansion to model nonlinear systems, is used to estimate the nonlinear parameters from distortion(More)
251 fits are possible if the Gaussians are less constrained, that is, if more of their characteristics (amplitude, position, and width) are used. This is demonstrated in Table I. For the first example, the position of the Gaussians was held at the extrema of sin(2t), as done in [1], but the remaining parameters were adjusted to minimize the squared error.(More)
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