Ottmar Krämer

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Thirty-five women whose breast cancer had been treated by radiation and 111 in whom it had not underwent unilateral breast reconstruction with the tissue expansion technique after modified radical mastectomy. Their records were reviewed and in a questionnaire the patients reported their own opinion on the results. The two groups differed significantly,(More)
The challenge of providing a resilient and scalable computational and data management solution for massive scale research environments requires continuous exploration of new technologies and techniques. In this project the aim has been to design a scalable and resilient infrastructure for CERN HEP data analysis. The infrastructure is based on OpenStack(More)
OBJECTIVE Metastatic endometrial cancer (EC) at initial presentation is a rare disease. The present aim was to evaluate prognostic factors and overall survival in patients diagnosed with metastatic EC. STUDY DESIGN Using data from the Geneva Cancer Registry, the authors included all patients diagnosed with Stage IVB EC from 1980-2007. Estimates of(More)
An OpenStack based private cloud with the Gluster File System has been built and used with both CMS analysis and Monte Carlo simulation jobs in the Datacenter Indirection Infrastructure for Secure High Energy Physics (DII-HEP) project. On the cloud we run the ARC middleware that allows running CMS applications without changes on the job submission side. Our(More)
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