Ottar Johnsen

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We have previously shown that the widely expressed human transcription factor TCF11/LCR-F1/Nrf1 interacts with small Maf proteins and binds to a subclass of AP1-sites. Such sites are required for beta-globin 5' DNase I hypersensitive site 2 enhancer activity, erythroid porphobilinogen deaminase inducibility, hemin responsiveness by heme-oxygenase 1 and(More)
The human TCF11 gene encodes a ubiquitously expressed bZIP transcription factor of the cap n' collar (CNC) domain family. It has a high sequence similarity to the erythroid-specific bZIP factor p45 NF-E2 in the CNC domain, which is involved in DNA binding. LCR-F1, a TCF11 isoform, is a more potent transcriptional activator than p45 NF-E2 in erythroid cells.(More)
We have cloned and characterized cDNA clones representing several mRNA isoforms generated by alternative splicing of a single gene localized to chromosome 17q22. Sequence analysis showed that the predicted translational product of the longest open reading frame (2316 nucleotides, 772 amino acids) is related to transcription factors of the basic leucine(More)
We report here the complete genomic nucleotide sequence for the Atlantic salmon growth-hormone gene (asGH), including 600 bp of 5' flanking sequences. The primary transcription (3651 nt) is significantly longer than that of the mammalian genes, mainly because of larger intron sizes, but also because the asGH gene contains an additional intron (intron 5).(More)
Sermatozoa from two brothers who are not twins were found to be straight and immotile. Examinations of the sperm showed that oxygen consumption and lactic acid production were normal; viability tests showed that the percentage of dead sperm was not increased. The ultrastructural appearance of the sperm tail was normal except for a complete lack of dynein(More)
The results of a randomized study comparing three different principles of treatment for rupture of the lateral ligaments of the ankle are presented. A total of 95 patients was treated and followed up for 17 months. In this series, 32 patients were treated with primary suture and plaster-of-Paris, 33 patients with plaster-of-Paris only and 30 patients with(More)
A kit from Wako Pure Chemical Industries for colorimetric determination of zinc has been evaluated for its possible use in the determination of zinc in human seminal plasma. The within-assay variation for 15 replicates of each of two seminal plasma samples having zinc concentrations (mM) of 0.43 +/- 0.025 and 6.06 +/- 0.125 (mean +/- SD) was 5.7% and 2.1%,(More)