Otso Manninen

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The aim of this study was to investigate the temporary hearing threshold shift (TTS2) and R-wave amplitudes in eleven healthy males when they were exposed to paired sinusoidal whole body (Z-axis) vibration (5 Hz--2.12 m/s2) and stable broadband A-weighted white noise at dry bulb temperatures of 20 degrees C and 30 degrees C. The intensity of noise in the(More)
This study analyses the data from three laboratory experiments concerning the separate and combined effects on temporary threshold shifts in hearing (TTS2) of sinusoidal low-frequency (5 Hz--2.12 m/s2 and 10 Hz--2.65 m/s2), whole body vibration (along the Z-axis), and continuous (white) noise with eight different bandwidths and intensity levels of 85 dB(A),(More)
Changes in the temporary hearing threshold ( TTS2 ) and heart rate (HR) were examined in subjects exposed to stable noise, whole body vibration and dynamic muscular work at a dry-bulb temperature of 30 degrees C. The exposure combinations consisted of three categories of dynamic muscular work with varying loads ( 2W , 4W , 8W ), of two categories of noise(More)
This study deals with changes in temporary threshold shifts of hearing (TTS2), cardiovascular functions (HR, SBP, DBP, PP, RWA), haemodynamic activity (HDI), upright body sway (VUBSA), ratios of urinary catecholamines (10A/DA, 10NA/DA, A/NA, NA/A) and correlations between these changes in complex exposure situations. The study was carried out in a special(More)
This study deals with changes in the temporary hearing threshold (TTS2), heart rate (HR), R-wave amplitude (RWA), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), systolic blood pressure (SBP), pulse pressure (PP) and reaction time (RT) in subjects (n = 108) who, while working on a choice reaction apparatus, were exposed in an exposure chamber to combinations of noise and(More)
An institutional investor’s private equity fund investment returns are determined by his/her access to and skills in selecting the best funds, but little is known about the extent of these two effects. Using a large sample of European pension funds’ private equity fund investments, we observed that limited partners are unable to select better funds for(More)
In the present study the changes in the TTS2 values and body upright posture sway were examined after exposure of subjects (n = 10) to stable broadband (white) noise (90 dB) alone, to sinusoidal vibration alone [directed vertically at the whole body (Z axis)], and to simultaneous exposure combinations of noise and vibrations of the same type. The frequency(More)
This study deals with the changes in temporary hearing threshold (TTS2), upright body posture sway amplitudes in the X and Y direction, heart rate (HR), R-wave amplitude (RWA), systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure, pulse pressure (PP) and the index characterizing haemodynamic activity (HDI), when the subjects were exposed to noise alone, to(More)
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