Otso Lähdeoja

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This project aims at studying how recent interactive and interactions technologies would help extend how we play the guitar, thus defining the " multimodal guitar ". Our contributions target three main axes: audio analysis, gestural control and audio synthesis. For this purpose, we designed and developed a freely-available toolbox for augmented guitar(More)
In this paper we present a series of algorithms developed to detect the following guitar playing techniques : bend, hammer-on, pull-off, slide, palm muting and harmonic. Detection of playing techniques can be used to control external content (i.e audio loops and effects, videos, light events, etc.), as well as to write real-time score or to assist guitar(More)
This paper suggests the use of a plywood panel, which is also a scenographic element in a dance performance, as a flat speaker. The sound emanating from the panel is subjectively different from a traditional loudspeaker, since the sound appears to originate from behind the panel. However, its frequency response is severely coloured by the panel modes, and(More)
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