Otoniel Ortiz

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This paper presents a baseline model for an aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) based on the operational concept as describe the ICAO recommendations, give an explanation about the different services supported and its applications. Special emphasis is given to the different ground to ground applications supported for the Aeronautical(More)
The outputs of computational creativity systems need to be evaluated in order to gain insight into the creative process. Automatic evaluation is a useful technique in this respect because it allows for a large number of tests to be carried out on a system in a uniform and objective way, and produce reports of its behaviour. Furthermore, it provides insights(More)
This paper describes a computer model for evaluating the interestingness of a computer-generated plot. In this work we describe a set of features that represent some of the core characteristics of interestingness. Then, we describe in detail our computer model and explain how we implemented our first prototype. We assess four computer-generated narratives(More)
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