Otmar Kloiber

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Experimental brain tumors were produced in cats by xenotransplantation of the rat glioma clone F98 into the white matter of the left hemisphere. One to 4 weeks after implantation, local adenosine triphosphate (ATP), glucose, lactate, and tissue pH were measured via imaging techniques in cryostat sections passing through the center of the tumor and(More)
Focal epileptic activity can be expected to influence distant brain areas via far reaching connections. To investigate such interactions the effects of focal epileptic activity on the metabolism of the brain were investigated in the rat cortex. Focal epileptic activity was induced by the application of penicillin onto the motor cortex. The focus, and to a(More)
The ultrafast inversion recovery snapshot FLASH technique was used to determine the kinetics of the contrast agent manganese (III) tetraphenylporphine sulfonate (MnTPPS) in experimental brain tumors in rats. In the first part of the investigation this technique was validated with the conventional inversion recovery spin-echo method by comparing in vivo T1(More)
In 8 gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) focal cerebral ischemia was produced by occlusion of the left common carotid artery and the opposite external carotid artery. After two hours blood flow was measured with iodoantipyrine labeled with carbon 14, and evaluated by means of quantitative autoradiography. Thereafter the same brain sections were stained for(More)
The topical and temporal relationship between neuronal injury and calcium loading was investigated in gerbils following bilateral carotid artery occlusion for 5 or 10 min and recirculation times from 15 min to 7 days. The association of histochemically visible calcium deposits with neuronal death was assessed by combining two calcium stains, alizarin red(More)
Previous studies suggested that hypoxia reduces the severity of brain injury after epileptic seizures. To test this hypothesis, the effect of hypoxic arrest of epileptic seizures on brain metabolism was investigated in rats by combining in vivo NMR spectroscopy with imaging techniques for the pictorial evaluation of energy metabolism and pH. Seizures were(More)
The effect of lidocaine seizures on cellular accumulation of calcium was studied in hippocampal subfields CA1 and CA3 and the dentate gyrus of rats, using the combined oxalate-pyroantimonate method. The specificity of the reaction was ascertained by EGTA treatment and X-ray microanalysis. In control rats, calcium was visualized between myelin lamellae of(More)
The effect of increasing static magnetic field strength up to 4.7 Tesla on the electrical function of the cat brain was studied by EEG frequency analysis and recording of somatosensory evoked potentials. While the latencies of the peaks P6 and P10 of the somatosensory evoked potentials were stable during the time course of the experiment, EEG intensity, EEG(More)
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