Otito F. Iwuchukwu

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The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) publishes genotype-based drug guidelines to help clinicians understand how available genetic test results could be used to optimize drug therapy. CPIC has focused initially on well-known examples of pharmacogenomic associations that have been implemented in selected clinical settings, publishing(More)
Metabolites in safety testing have gained a lot of attention recently. Regulatory agencies have suggested that the kinetics of preformed and in vivo-formed metabolites are comparable. This subject has been a topic of debate. We have compared the kinetics of in vivo-formed with preformed metabolites. trans-3,5,4'-Trihydroxystilbene [trans-resveratrol (RES)](More)
Statin medications are often prescribed to ameliorate a patient's risk of cardiovascular events due in part to cholesterol reduction. We developed and evaluated an algorithm that can accurately identify subjects with major adverse cardiac events (MACE) while on statins using electronic medical record (EMR) data. The algorithm also identifies subjects(More)
At some point, anyone with knowledge of drug metabolism and enzyme kinetics started out knowing little about these topics. This chapter was specifically written with the novice in mind. Regardless of the enzyme one is working with or the goal of the experiment itself, there are fundamental components and concepts of every experiment using drug metabolism(More)
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