Othmar O. Mwambe

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Information security has played a great role in supporting security of organizational assets. Computes softwares / information systems developers have taken information security into great consideration particularly during systems/software development. There are several modelling languages that can be used to architect security features of information(More)
Software is becoming a key ingredient in most of the modern systems and devices that support important business processes in our modern society. It is an essential component of many embedded applications that control various sensitive applications such as air traffic control systems, rockets, automated banking systems (ATM), security systems (radar) and so(More)
The academic achievement of the deaf is related to the difficulty in communication, not to the cognitive abilities. Without communication, their needs are generally misinterpreted and ignored. Accumulated years of misunderstanding will impair their academic as well as social success. Since the hearing world uses spoken language to communicate, the deaf are(More)
This study focuses on supporting information systems security in the early phase of information systems development. Modeling languages have commonly been used by software developers during the designing of information systems. As an extension of Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity diagrams, Mal-Activity Diagrams (MAD) have also been used to model(More)
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