Othman Qadir

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Although inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation are associated with decreased systolic blood pressure (BP), these results have primarily been obtained from short-term trials that focused on healthy young adults. Therefore, we hypothesized that oral supplementation of beetroot juice concentrate would decrease systolic BP in overweight older(More)
Twenty-one older, overweight participants were randomised to 3 weeks of either beetroot juice concentrate or blackcurrant juice supplementation to test the effects on cutaneous microvascular reactivity during post-occlusive reactive hyperaemia (PORH). The study also tested whether the effects were maintained after 1 week from interrupting the(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypertension is a major contributor to the global burden of cardiovascular diseases and its prevalence increases progressively with ageing. Therefore the identification of effective, age-friendly exercise and nutritional interventions which lower blood pressure (BP) is a research priority. OBJECTIVE To undertake a pilot RCT examining the(More)
This study aimed to use different nitrogen fertilizer regimes to produce Butterhead lettuce with such large differences in nitrate content that they could be used as treatment and placebo to study the effect of inorganic nitrate on human health. Plants were grown under controlled conditions at 27/23 °C day/night with a relatively low photosynthetically(More)
BACKGROUND Aging and obesity are associated with raised oxidative stress and a reduction of nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability, with subsequent decline in insulin sensitivity and endothelial function. Inorganic nitrate is converted into NO via a 2-step reduction process and may be an effective nutritional intervention to modify vascular and metabolic(More)
OBJECTIVES Abnormal circadian oscillations of blood pressure (BP) and nocturnal-diurnal BP differences (i.e., dipping) increase cardiovascular risk. Whether inorganic nitrate supplementation influences 24-hr BP variability is currently unknown. We studied the effects of high-nitrate beetroot juice supplementation on BP variability measured by 24-hr(More)
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