Othman H Y Zalloum

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We recently developed and reported an eye fixation monitor that detects the fovea by its radial orientation of birefringent nerve fibers. The instrument used a four-quadrant photodetector and a normalized difference function to check for a best match between the detector quadrants and the arms of the bow-tie pattern of polarization states surrounding the(More)
For the purpose of vision screening, we develop an eye fixation monitor that detects the fovea by its unique radial orientation of birefringent Henle fibers. Polarized near-infrared light is reflected from the foveal area in a bow-tie pattern of polarization states, similar to the Haidinger brush phenomenon. In contrast to previous devices that used(More)
We investigate the formation of diversiform micro-/nano-structures in High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) synthetic single-crystal diamond by tight-focusing 200 fs regeneratively amplified Ti: Sapphire laser pulses centered at lambda = 800 nm. Ablated samples of synthetic single crystal nanodiamond and their acetate replicas are analyzed using scanning(More)
In order to obtain new insights into laser-induced chemical material modifications, we introduce a novel combined approach of femtosecond pulsed laser-direct writing and in situ Raman microscopy within a single experimental apparatus. A newly developed scanning microscope, the first of its kind, provides a powerful tool for micro-/nanomachining and(More)
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