Otello Gasparini

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This paper presents an analysis of sound speed distribution in the Mediterranean Sea based on climatologi-cal temperature and salinity data. In the upper layers, propagation is characterised by upward refraction in winter and an acoustic channel in summer. The seasonal cycle of the Mediterranean and the presence of gyres and fronts create a wide range of(More)
The provision of high capacity, low cost and reliable wireless multimedia communication for bursty packet traffic (as well as voice and delay constrained streaming traffic) continues to be a challenging aspect of future wireless communications systems. In this sense, structured and ad-hoc multihop networks and intelligent relaying are expected to play a(More)
Multi-element arrays at both ends of a communication link (Multiple Input Multiple Output – MIMO) have the potential of increasing the throughput and/or of improving the link reliability through spatial diversity. In this paper the capability of increasing the throughput in HIPERLAN/2 (H/2) Wireless LAN (WLAN) standard by MIMO Spatial Multiplexing is(More)
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