Otakar Sprdlík

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Decomposition of acceleration was investigated as an alternative to commonly used direct spectral analysis of measured acceleration or angular velocity for tremor quantification. Orientation estimation algorithm was devised to decompose the measured acceleration into inertial acceleration caused by sensor movement in inertial reference frame and(More)
Disorders of balance and gait have been observed in patients with essential tremor (ET), but their association with tremor severity remains unclear. This study aimed to evaluate postural instability and gait changes in ET patients and to investigate their relationship to tremor characteristics with regard to cerebellar dysfunction as a possible common(More)
This paper focuses on tremor frequency analysis from the video sequence. In order to analyse the video data, the signal needs to be extracted from the video using the intensity change of the local area in time. Next, the power spectral density is used for the frequency estimate from the signal. Finally the results obtained from the video are compared with(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence and the temporal structure of bilateral coherence in physiological (PT) and essential (ET) hand tremor. METHODS Triaxial accelerometric recordings from both hands in 30 healthy subjects and 34 ET patients were analyzed using spectral coherence and wavelet coherence methods. In 12 additional healthy subjects, the(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are a common complication of advancing Parkinson's disease (PD). Although numerous risk factors are known, reliable predictors of future falls are still lacking. The objective of this prospective study was to investigate clinical and instrumented tests of balance and gait in both OFF and ON medication states and to verify their utility in(More)
We present a validation study for TremAn--a tool for automatic detection of tremor and measurement of its frequency from video recordings. To assess the validity of TremAn we designed a study consisting of tremor assessment from video, by accelerometry and by clinical evaluation using Fahn-Tolosa-Marin scale. 26 patients with essential tremor and 5 healthy(More)
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