Otacílio Luiz Chagas

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BACKGROUND Isotretinoin is a vitamin A derivative, indicated for the treatment of patients with severe acne, which shows several side effects on bone metabolism. OBJECTIVE This study analyzed the process of bone repair in rats receiving 7.5 mg/kg/day of oral isotretinoin. METHODS Thirty-three male albino Wistar rats, at approximately 60 days of age,(More)
Pseudoaneurysms are rare lesions secondary to blunt or penetrating trauma, temporomandibular joint surgery, or orthognathic surgery. Nonsurgical interventions are the treatment of choice for pseudoaneurysms. In the case reported here, endovascular injection of acrylic glue was successful in the treatment of a pseudoaneurysm of the internal maxillary artery(More)
The manipulation of the maxillomandibular complex (MMC) in orthognathic surgery has been used widely in the treatment of dentofacial deformities so as to optimize aesthetic and functional results, making these more stable in the long term. The aim of the present study was to perform a systematic literature review of the aesthetic and functional implications(More)
PURPOSE Odontogenic infections are a common problem in dentistry, and their treatment often requires the use of antibiotics besides the removal of the source of infection, which frequently makes it more difficult for clinicians to make a decision regarding the choice of antibiotic. This study aimed to answer the following questions through the Patient,(More)
Inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) repositioning has been used widely in recent years as an alternative approach for dental implant placement in the atrophic posterior mandible. The aim of this study was to answer the question: What are the complications associated with IAN repositioning? A systematic literature review performed in accordance with the PRISMA(More)
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