Oswaldo Morales-Napoles

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Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) systems are used, among other applications, in pavement and bridge reliability. The system measures quantities such as individual axle load, vehicular loads, vehicle speed, vehicle length and number of axles. Because of the nature of traffic configuration, the quantities measured are evidently regarded as random variables. The(More)
Science-based models often involve substantial uncertainty that must be quantified in a defendable way. Shortage of empirical data inevitably requires input from expert judgment. How this uncertainty is best elicited can be critical to a decision process, as differences in efficacy and robustness of the elicitation methods can be substantial. When performed(More)
Many applications in decision making under uncertainty and probabilistic risk assessment require the assessment of multiple, dependent uncertain quantities, so that in addition to marginal distributions, interdependence needs to be modelled in order to properly understand the overall risk. Nevertheless, relevant historical data on dependence information are(More)
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