Oswaldo Hugo Moreno

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En este estudio cualitativo, examinamos la religiosidad, el manejo con la adversidad, y facilitadores en la búsqueda de diferentes tipos de servicios de salud mental en una muestra de 17 hombres y mujeres Latinos religiosos. El análisis temático reveló que los participantes tendían a enfrentar problemas con métodos consistentes con sus prácticas religiosas.(More)
A high resolution Software Defined Radar system is implemented in this work by adopting the new generation Universal Software Radio Peripheral USRP NI2920, a software defined transceiver. The enhanced available bandwidth due to the Gigabit Ethernet interface is exploited to achieve the high range resolution features. At this purpose, a specific Labview(More)
The purpose of this book, which is to identify and describe in some detail some of the leadingevidence-basedapproaches to treatingandpreventingdepression, is a laudable one and will prove useful to clinicians interested in providing state-of-the-art mental health services. And yet, the term evidence-based should be cautiously applied, given the limited(More)
Parent-adolescent relationship (PAR) factors such as social support and negative interactions are associated with initiation of alcohol and marijuana use during adolescence. However, few studies have examined whether the relationship between PAR, especially the paternal role, and substance use onset varies by ethnicity. This is important given that ethnic(More)
In this study, we conducted a path analysis on data from the National Latino and Asian American Study to investigate the role of religious attendance on mental health among Mexican populations. Using data from 868 Latinos of Mexican origin, we further investigated the extent to which religious attendance mediated the direct path between generation status(More)
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