Oswald Boehm

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As aging and very expensive programs put more pressure on health and social care systems, an increase in the need for electronic healthcare records can be observed, because they promise massive savings and better clinical quality. However, patients and commissioners for data protection have legitimate concerns about the privacy and confidentiality of the(More)
Postoperative mortality remains alarmingly high with a mortality rate ranging between 0.4% and 4%. A small subgroup of multimorbid and/or elderly patients undergoing different surgical procedures naturally confers the highest risk of complications and perioperative death. Therefore, preoperative assessment should identify these high-risk patients and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review will provide an overview of actual data concerning perioperative risk. Furthermore, strategies to prevent, detect and treat perioperative complications will be discussed. RECENT FINDINGS Perioperative in-hospital mortality rate of 0.4-4% has not improved over the last years possibly resulting in one to several million deaths(More)
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