Osvaldo Skliar

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The results obtained by analyzing signals with the Square Wave Method (SWM) introduced previously can be presented in the frequency domain clearly and precisely by using the Square Wave Transform (SWT) described here. As an example, the SWT is used to analyze a sequence of samples (that is, of measured values) taken from an electroencephalographic(More)
A novel Mathematical Random Number Generator (MRNG) is presented here. In this case, " mathematical " refers to the fact that to construct that generator it is not necessary to resort to a physical phenomenon , such as the thermal noise of an electronic device, but rather to a mathematical procedure. The MRNG generates binary strings – in principle , as(More)
The Square Wave Method (SWM), previously introduced for the analysis of signals and images, is presented here as a mathematical tool suitable for the analysis of time series and signals. To show the potential that the SWM has to analyze many different types of time series, the results of the analysis of a time series composed of a sequence of 10,000(More)
In the experiment on 15 mongrel dogs, the pancreatoduodenal resection (PDR) with cholecystopancreatoanastomosis (CPA) formation was modelled. The advantages of CPA over pancreatojejunostomy were confirmed by morphological and histochemical investigations. In the institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery, from 1983 to 1987, 73 PDRs were performed with(More)