Osvaldo Patiño

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Cyclosporin A (CsA) administration to rats is associated with a selective increase in urinary excretion of immunoreactive thromboxane B2 (i-TxB2), the stable breakdown product of TxA2. The exaggerated synthesis of TxA2 may play a role in the reduction of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) observed both in animals and humans undergoing CsA treatment. The(More)
Electromagnetic fields are now being used in many diseases such as osseous, ligamental, cartilaginous, or nervous reparation, diabetes, and myocardial or cerebral ischemia. Although many publications show the usefulness of magneto-therapy, discrepancies exist about the utility of electromagnetic fields in skin wound healing. The objective of this work was(More)
Various attempts have been made to intervene with the formation of hypertrophic scarring (HTS) or to ameliorate it once it has developed, but none have yet proved effective. Massage therapy is routinely used by therapists for the treatment of various conditions, and there have been reports of increased scar pliability and decreased scar banding with the use(More)
Although there are many publications on the usefulness of magneto-therapy, discrepancies exist about the utility of electromagnetic fields in skin wound healing. The objective of this work was to study the effect of electromagnetic fields on wound healing in rats. Thirty six male Wistar rats were used; a rectangular lesion was made in the back of each(More)
A prospective observational study of central venous catheters (CVC) was carried out in order to determine if a CVC inserted near an open burn wound increases catheter infection risk in burned patients. The study was carried out during a 12-month period (1998-1999) at the Benaim Foundation's Burn Unit in Buenos Aires (C.E.P.A.Q.). Eighty-three CVCs were(More)
UNLABELLED Because of the difficulty in handling a patient with cultured epidermal autografts in pressure areas of the limbs, we have adopted a splint that is easy to apply, allows an easy access to the wound, and is well tolerated by the patient. HYPOTHESIS Avoiding pressure in areas with autografts is recommended. This is the reason we have used a(More)
Tertatolol is a new beta-blocking agent which induces renal vasodilation in experimental animals and humans and increases glomerular filtration rate (GFR), diuresis and natriuresis. The mechanisms underlying renal effects of tertatolol are not known. Our aims were to establish whether tertatolol influences renal function by a systemic or by an intrarenal(More)
Bacteraemias during burn wound manipulation are frequent, especially following burn wound excision. However, these bacteraemias seem not to have any clinical consequences, and their treatment is therefore controversial. Over a 20-month period 35 surgical debridement procedures were recorded prospectively in 18 burn patients. Blood culture samples were drawn(More)
Central venous catheter-related infections are an important source of morbidity and mortality in burn patients. Antiseptic impregnated catheters have been recommended to prevent infections related to central venous lines in high-risk patients who require short-term catheters. This prospective, randomized, and controlled study compared the efficacy of(More)
Thirty five patients with acute Chagas' disease who demonstrated parasitaemia at the time of the investigation were submitted to a detailed electromyographical study. With their muscles at rest, 12 patients showed fibrillation potentials and/or positive sharp waves. On volitional contraction, 7 had short duration motor unit potentials (MUPs) and low(More)
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