Osvaldo Navarro

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Industry 4.0 is a reality through the use of intelligent networks capable of gathering and analyzing data and acting on it autonomously. However, important advancements can be made when reconfigurable hardware comes into play. This work presents current trends used in the development of digital circuits, then enumerates a series of challenges faced in the(More)
Today ubiquitous computing is steadily growing in daily life, leading to an increasing need of resource awareness especially for devices with limited energy source. The running applications may differ significantly in their requirements and priority and these variations can occur during a single running application as well. Apart from the applications'(More)
Sequential Pattern Mining is a widely addressed problem in data mining, with applications such as analyzing Web usage, examining purchase behavior, and text mining, among others. Nevertheless, with the dramatic increase in data volume, the current approaches prove inefficient when dealing with large input datasets, a large number of different symbols and(More)
A victim cache is a small cache block usually located between two main cache levels, which main objective is to recover conflict cache misses. In the usual case, the victim cache is designed as an always enabled cache block with fixed size. However, different applications may have very different memory access requirements. In this article, we present an(More)
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