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BACKGROUND Acute compartment syndrome (ACS) is a clinical condition with potentially dramatic consequences, therefore, it is important to recognise and treat it early. Good management of ACS minimises or avoids the sequelae associated with a late diagnosis, and may also reduce the risk of malpractice claims. The aim of this article was to evaluate different(More)
A patient developed spastic paraparesis after surgery with ultrasound lithothripsy and litholapaxy of fragments of a renal calyceal calculus in middle-upper diverticulum. It was first assumed that the event could be due to transient spinal ischemia, caused by vasospasm of Adamkiewicz artery, secondary to blood engorgement of the area around the vessel. In(More)
Aesthetic surgery procedures are increasing all over the world, and so are related medicolegal questions and litigation cases. Aesthetic mammaplasties represent a very important part of this field and consequently many cases of error appear. Most of these errors lead to litigation from which plastic surgeons rarely can be exonerated. The aim of this article(More)
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