Osvaldo Luiz Oliveira

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A good deal of research on learning introductory programming have been carried out along the past years based on a generalization to mature individuals of Piaget's theory which states that learning among childrens progresses from concrete to abstract. In this research, we set up two problem domains -- a concrete and an abstract one -- along with specific(More)
In recent years, many studies have suggested the hypothesis that mental ability to compute is essential for many activities and is as fundamental as reading, writing and arithmetic. This work provides mathematical arguments to verification of this hypothesis. Assuming a precise statement of what is to compute, based on the model of computation "Turing(More)
Although characterized as being "high level", classical programming languages such as Pascal and C have a grammar that is very different from natural language. In this research field, two main streams are noteworthy, one of them is characterized by an attempt to facilitate the understanding of the grammar of classic programming languages [1] and the other(More)
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