Osvaldo Luiz Oliveira

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NIM-M8 is a monoclonal IgM antibody, specific for the LWab antigen as shown by its reaction with red cells of all donors except those lacking LWa, LWb and LWab. Indirect immunofluorescent staining and cell sorter analyses have shown that LWab is present on a subpopulation of human lymphocytes. Cell fractionation studies indicate that subsets of both B and T(More)
The status of the homolateral axillary lymph nodes is still the most important prognostic factor in early stage breast cancer. The information obtained from the pathological examination of the lymph nodes guides is of critical importance in the decision process regarding the use of postoperative adjuvant therapy. However, lymph node axillary dissection can(More)
A good deal of research on learning introductory programming have been carried out along the past years based on a generalization to mature individuals of Piaget's theory which states that learning among childrens progresses from concrete to abstract. In this research, we set up two problem domains -- a concrete and an abstract one -- along with specific(More)
Conditions are described for the induction of autoimmunity to Thy-1 and a large panel of monoclonal CBA and AKR autoantibodies has been characterized. These reveal a hitherto unrecognized complexity at the Thy-1 locus and evidence for intragenic control. Epitopes recognized by the autoantibodies differed in species and tissue distribution from alloantigenic(More)
In recent years, many studies have suggested the hypothesis that mental ability to compute is essential for many activities and is as fundamental as reading, writing and arithmetic. This work provides mathematical arguments to verification of this hypothesis. Assuming a precise statement of what is to compute, based on the model of computation "Turing(More)
The primary immune response to SRBC in BALB/c mice was depressed when they were injected with a fraction (FAd) obtained from Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes grown in LIT medium. Plaque-forming cell (PFC) number was 50% less than controls when FAd was injected i.v. 15 min before antigen in doses ranging from 70 microgram up to 400 microgram of protein.(More)