Osvaldo Luiz Oliveira

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Conditions are described for the induction of autoimmunity to Thy-1 and a large panel of monoclonal CBA and AKR autoantibodies has been characterized. These reveal a hitherto unrecognized complexity at the Thy-1 locus and evidence for intragenic control. Epitopes recognized by the autoantibodies differed in species and tissue distribution from alloantigenic(More)
A good deal of research on learning introductory programming have been carried out along the past years based on a generalization to mature individuals of Piaget's theory which states that learning among childrens progresses from concrete to abstract. In this research, we set up two problem domains -- a concrete and an abstract one -- along with specific(More)
In recent years, many studies have suggested the hypothesis that mental ability to compute is essential for many activities and is as fundamental as reading, writing and arithmetic. This work provides mathematical arguments to verification of this hypothesis. Assuming a precise statement of what is to compute, based on the model of computation "Turing(More)
Delayed type hypersensitivity reactions (DTH) to DNFB in C3H (susceptible) and (CBA x C57B1/10)F1 (resistant) mice were not impaired in Trypanosoma cruzi strains Y infections. Mice were infected IP with 100 parasites and sensitized or challenged 11 days after infection at the peak of parasitaemia. DTH reactions were found to be enhanced in C3H infected mice.
A new thymocyte membrane-brain antigenic system is defined for the mouse and rat. Monoclonal antibody NIM-M129 recognizes a membrane antigen that has a similar size to Thy-1 (20-23 kd) but entirely different tissue distribution. It is absent from cortisone-resistant thymocytes, murine peripheral T cells, T-cell blasts, and T-cell lymphomas, or rat bone(More)