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The Authors report about their experience of 27 cases of Total Enteral Feeding. The role of the nitrogen balance inversion, from negative to positive, as an expression of protein anabolism, is specially emphasized. This parameter proves more suitable than the serum albumin level increase, of low statistical significance.
Barium peritonites are known to be a serious complication of barium enema examinations, being accompanied by a high mortality rate. The authors made their study injecting barium and radioactive 133Ba in the peritoneum of 68 rats without causing damages to the colon, in order to verify the toxicity of barium if injected in the peritoneum, and to evaluate the(More)
A new three-phase therapeutical approach to retained biliary stones (RBS) is designed to shorten the long treatment times with Monooctanoin (Mo). In the first phase, the litholytic agent is infused to soften the stones. In the second one the calculi are crushed, and in the last complete elimination of the fragmentary stones into the duodenum is obtained(More)