Osvaldo Carvalho

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Given an n-nodes network and an assertion G expressing its correctness, it is shown that G can be decomposed into collection of n local assertions and n.(n-1) “communication” assertions. The special case of a 2-nodes network is first examined, and it is shown how the notion of Galois connections in lattice theory is a basic tool for the(More)
Schistosomiasis is a transmissible parasitic disease caused by the etiologic agent Schistosoma mansoni, whose intermediate hosts are snails of the genus Biomphalaria. The main goal of this paper is to estimate the prevalence of schistosomiasis in Minas Gerais State in Brazil using spatial disease information derived from the state transportation network of(More)
X.509 certificates can be used to store attributes about its owner, and so can on-line directory systems such as LDAP. In this paper we explore the option of putting little or no data in the certificate itself, and all data in LDAP databases. We show how this approach completely changes the role of the Registration Authority, resulting in a more flexible(More)
Anomaly detection is an important task that has been widely applied to different scenarios. In particular, its application in public healthcare is a crucial management task that can improve the quality of the health services and avoid loss of huge amounts of money. In this work we propose and evaluate, in a real scenario, a method for anomaly detection in(More)
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