Ossama Abdel Hamid

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INTRODUCTION The trans-sphenoid access to the pituitary gland is becoming the most common approach for pituitary adenomas. Preoperative evaluation of the anatomy of the sphenoid sinus by computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a routine procedure and can direct the surgical decision. PURPOSE This work determines the incidence(More)
In the origin detection problem an algorithm is given a set S of documents, ordered by creation time, and a query document D. It needs to output for every consecutive sequence of k alphanumeric terms in D the earliest document in $S$ in which the sequence appeared (if such a document exists). Algorithms for the origin detection problem can, for example, be(More)
Allergic rhinitis is the most common manifestation of an atopic reaction to inhaled allergen. It accounts for 80% of rhinitis in children and 30% in adults. The objective of the study is to evaluate the presence of serum-specific IgE to a variety of common allergens using a new immunoblotting technique in order to detect the specific allergen causing(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of life (QOL) reflects the need to assess the patient's overall sense of well-being. A nonrandomized, prospective longitudinal study was conducted to evaluate QOL in Egyptian patients treated for laryngeal cancer. METHODS In all, 60 newly diagnosed patients with laryngeal cancer were divided into 3 groups: surgical resection,(More)
Transsphenoidal approach is considered the treatment of choice for pituitary adenoma removal. Suprasellar extension is regarded a drawback for complete removal of these tumors through this approach. Evaluate the correlation between the preoperative radiologic craniocaudal extension on MRI of pituitary adenomas and the extent of tumor removal. A(More)
INTRODUCTION Parapharyngeal space (PPS) pediatric lesions represent a heterogeneous group of uncommon neoplasms of both benign and malignant nature. These tumors tend to be locally advanced by the time they are diagnosed; consequently, an early presumptive diagnosis of malignancy is of utmost importance. OBJECTIVE To highlight the occurrence of malignant(More)
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