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We show a method to effectively compute the Wedderburn decomposition and the primitive central idempotents of a semisimple finite group algebra of an abelian-by-supersolvable group G from certain pairs of subgroups of G. In this paper F = F q denotes a finite field with q elements and G is a finite group of order n such that FG is semisimple, or(More)
Let R be a commutative ring, G a group and RG its group ring. Let ϕ σ : RG → RG denote the involution defined by ϕ σ (r g g) = r g σ(g)g −1 , where σ : G → {±1} is a group homo-morphism (called an orientation morphism). An element x in RG is said to be antisymmetric if ϕ σ (x) = −x. We give a full characterization of the groups G and its orientations for(More)
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