Osnat Levy

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During the maturation of rotaviral particles, non-structural protein 4 (NSP4) plays a critical role in the translocation of the immature capsid into the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum. Full-length NSP4 and a 22 amino acid peptide (NSP4(114-135)) derived from this protein have been shown to induce diarrhea in young mice in an age-dependent manner, and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Pathological angiogenesis is associated with various human diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and retinopathy. The angiopoietin (Ang)-Tie2 system plays critical roles in several steps of angiogenic remodelling. Here, we have investigated the anti-angiogenic effect of a novel angiopoietin-derived peptide. EXPERIMENTAL(More)
Performing actions with sensory consequences modifies physiological and behavioral responses relative to otherwise identical sensory input perceived in a passive manner. It is assumed that such modifications occur through an efference copy sent from motor cortex to sensory regions during performance of voluntary actions. In the auditory domain most(More)
Members of the B7/CD28 family of immune checkpoints, such as CTLA4, PD1 and PDL-1, play critical roles in T cell regulation and have emerged as promising drug targets for cancer immunotherapy. We hypothesize that additional novel members of the B7/CD28 family play a role as negative immune regulators and thus may serve as targets for therapeutic mAbs.(More)
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