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The objective of this study was to measure and compare hand pinch grip forces in standing and sitting postures for a group of 77 healthy female dentists of 25 to 55 years old. The equipment used consisted of a gripping device with strain gauges, a measuring device and a printer. The results can be described as follows. With respect to absolute values the(More)
A new biomechanical three-dimensional (3D) model for the human mandible is proposed. A simple two-dimensional model cannot explain the biomechanics of the human mandible, where muscular forces through occlusion and condylar surfaces are in a state of dynamical 3D equilibrium. All forces are resolved into components according to a selected coordinate system.(More)
Hand pinch grips in the standing and sitting positions on a group of 46 healthy males of 20 to 26 years old were measured. The results were as follows: 1. Hand pinch grip forces are higher when the subject is standing than when he is sitting. 2. Hand pinch grip forces, depending on the position of the arm in the working space, are higher when the arm is(More)