Osman Mohamad

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This paper presents the research agenda that has been proposed to develop an integrated model to explain technology adoption of SMEs in Malaysia. SMEs form over 90% of all business entities in Malaysia and they have been contributing to the development of the nation. Technology adoption has been a thorn issue among SMEs as they require big outlay which(More)
Due to the rise in environmental awareness, green technologies and practices have become the conscientious imperative expected from all manufacturing industries. Consequently, environmental initiatives are becoming an essential part of the strategic planning in organizations, including the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Thus, the objectives of this(More)
This study investigates the demand side of the piracy problem of music CDs in Malaysia. The findings demonstrate the applicability of the modified Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) in predicting buying attitude towards pirated CDs though social influences and consumers' personality characteristics. Results show that normative susceptibility, integrity, gender(More)
The adoption of the Internet as a business strategy tool is becoming an important way for firms to expand their business through innovative strategies. This study provides an insight concerning the factors that influence the adoption of the Internet to support business activities, also known as e-business among SMEs in Malaysia. In addition, the study also(More)
In recent time climate change and its impact on human health and awareness constitute a set of complex and serious consequences to be tackled by an individual country. Climate change is not merely an environmental issue, but also it is a threat that goes beyond national borders. The purpose of this study is to identify the awareness and the impact of(More)
The aim of this paper was to investigate the effect of organizational culture on individual absorptive capacity. The study utilized task orientation, risk-orientation, cooperative norms, open communication, and collective rewards dimensions of organizational culture. The study was conducted by using survey among engineers working in the electrical and(More)
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