Osman Latifoğlu

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Circumcision remains the most common operation performed on males. Although, not technically difficult, it is accompanied by a rate of morbidity and can result in complications ranging from trivial to tragic. The reported incidence of complications varies from 0.1% to 35% the most common being infection, bleeding and failure to remove the appropriate amount(More)
Surgery is accepted as one of the most demanding professions that create both physical and mental strain on the performers. Therefore, the authors aimed to elucidate the mental burden of surgeons, which is dedicated to operative stress. They also tested the hypotheses that participating in surgery creates mental stress on surgeons that leads to(More)
Breasts are known to show cyclic changes in accordance with the menstrual cycle, and speculations have been made regarding the ideal timing of breast surgery in this extent, but the clinical evidence to support global acceptance and application is lacking. This study was designed to establish the relationship of intraoperative bleeding and postoperative(More)
The gluteal region is an important secondary sexual character itself and it has its place in the concept of the beauty in all communities. Interestingly, as far as we know, there is not any previous study addressing gluteal region morphology in an objective way in the aesthetic surgery literature. The aim of this study was to define the changes of the(More)
Although the psychological aspect of the rhinoplasty operation has been a subject of interest for a long time, with the exception of a few studies, sociological factors have been almost totally ignored. In this prospective study the personality characteristics and socioeconomic backgrounds of 216 rhinoplasty patients were evaluated. Between 1994 and 2000, a(More)
Diethyl maleate (DEM) which binds and thus depletes tissue glutathione levels was used to aggravate the injury and to determine its effect on incisional healing. A 5 cm dorsal midline skin incision was performed on 40 albino Wistar rats in two groups and then closed by interrupted sutures. Groups received 0.9% NaCl and DEM at a dosage of 1 mg/kg/day(More)
Dirofilariasis is a rare zoonosis that is mainly seen with subcutaneous or pulmonary involvement. Natural hosts are dogs, cats, jackals, and raccoons; however, humans can rarely become an accidental host for the parasite. In the reported case, infection manifested as a subcutaneous nodule, representing a significant diagnostic challenge for both the surgeon(More)