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OBJECTIVES In this study, we evaluated the continuous and state anxiety levels of mothers with children with language delay. METHODS The study group consisted of the mothers of 18 children with language delay. The control group consisted of the mothers of 29 healthy children without language delay. To gain data about mothers, a personal information form(More)
Energy recovery potential of a mesophilic co-digester treating OFMSW and primary sludge at an integrated biomethanization plant was investigated based on feasibility study results. Since landfilling is still the main solid waste disposal method in Turkey, land scarcity will become one of the most important obstacles. Restrictions for biodegradable waste(More)
We investigated the effects of explosive acoustic trauma on sleep quality and quality of lives (QOLs) of the workers in Ammunition Factory. Forty-one male workers exposed to explosive acoustic trauma in Ammunition Factory 12 years ago constructed the study group (Group 1). Thirty-eight male workers of Ammunition Factory who were not exposed to the(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated the effects of subjective tinnitus on sleep quality and Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) scores of participants. METHODS The study group consisted of 15 patients, including 21 ears with tinnitus (6 bilateral, 9 unilateral). The control group consisted of 8 healthy patients with normal hearing and no tinnitus (16 ears). We(More)
Modiolar deficiency has been reported as representing the mildest form of cochlear dysplasia. In this study the authors aimed to determine baseline values of the mid-modiolar area and modiolus volume in normal subjects. In this way they aimed to improve the detection of previously underdiagnosed subtle cochlear dysplasia in patients with sensorineural(More)
OBJECTIVES In this retrospective study, we investigated the relationship between paranasal sinus, optic canal, foramen rotundum, and vidian canal measurements. METHODS Computed tomographic (CT) images of 320 adult subjects and 640 sides (right and left) were used. Paranasal sinus dimensions, optic canal (OC), foramen rotundum (FR), vidian canal (VC),(More)
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