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In this work photoplethysmography imaging (PPGI) technique was used to obtain blood flow changes in human skin under regional anesthesia (RA). PPGI was evaluated from video taken by video camera for 26 patients 2 minutes before and immediately after RA, using custom developed software. Results showed that blood flow obtained by PPGI increases immediately(More)
Wireless PPG devices were developed and embedded in everyday clothes (bandage, scarf, cycling glove and wrist strap) to monitor cardiovascular state of free-moving persons. The corresponding software for measurements also has been developed and tested in laboratory. Real-time measurements of PPG signals were taken in parallel with a professional ECG(More)
Autism spectrum disorders are early childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, it is not a disease but rather a syndrome that is characterized by a multifactorial type of inheritance and a rapid annual increase in prevalence. In some cases autism spectrum disorders are one of the symptoms of monogenic or chromosomal pathology, and can also be a symptom of(More)
In the quest for an easy-to use and cost-effective way for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, we have developed a wireless digital photoplethysmographic (PPG) prototype device with PPG sensors integrated in wearable garments, such as a headband or wrist strap. Five minute recordings from twelve healthy adult female subjects were taken with purpose to(More)
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