Oskar Mauritz

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In this paper, a new construction of optimum sets of zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequences, derived from generalized chirp-like (GCL) sequences, is presented. A special case with reduced alphabet size is also described. In a set of GCL-ZCZ sequences, the length of the zero correlation zone <i>D</i> has the maximum possible value <i>D</i> = <i>t</i> - 1 for(More)
The design of random access channel (RACH) preambles for the evolved universal terrestrial radio access (E-UTRA) third generation cellular system is considered, with the major goal to minimize the latency of RACH procedure. The E-UTRA RACH preambles are designed starting from a new construction of the sets of zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequences, derived(More)
The required power back-off in the uplink of the Evolved UTRA cellular system is considered in this paper. It is shown that the Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Window is optimum for the reduction of the peak-to-average ratio by spectrum shaping. It is also useful for reducing the cubic metric. Measures for power back-off and results for required average power(More)
In this thesis, fast Viterbi Decoder algorithms for a multi-core system are studied. New parallel Viterbi algorithms for decoding convolutional codes are proposed based on tail biting trellises. The performances of the new algorithms are first evaluated by MATLAB and then Eagle (E-UTRA algorithms for LTE) link level simulations where the optimal parameter(More)
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