Osichinaka C. Ubadike

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The combination of Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) and Infrared (IR) sensor images could help to improve pilot vision especially in poor weather condition. The performance of common image fusion methods and their fusion rules are evaluated with a view to determine their suitability for helicopter day, night and all weather operation. The major criterion for(More)
This paper presents an implementation of an IIMMW simulator for use in developing a multisensory fusion methodology for Helicopter DNAW operations. The functional modeling approach based on power representation of the simulated sensors is adopted in the simulation. The detailed power and attenuation models are described and the received power from the(More)
This paper reports the design and simulation of a fuzzy logic based Flight Control System (FCS) which could be used to replace or augment the current mechanical control systems on the Nigerian Air Force Air Beetle (ABT-18) aircraft. Four basic controllers were developed, namely, the elevator controller, the speed controller, the bank angle controller and(More)
Non-Destructive testing is useful in rail, pipeline and aerospace industries for maintenance of equipment, such as thickness measurements, corrosion and defect detection in materials. In this work a finite element analysis of an Electromagnetic acoustic transducer is presented. EMAT is an emerging technology that provides a non contact process of testing(More)
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