Oshini Goonetilleke

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With the inception of the Twitter microblogging platform in 2006, a myriad of research efforts have emerged studying different aspects of the Twittersphere. Each study exploits its own tools and mechanisms to capture, store, query and analyze Twitter data. Inevitably, platforms have been developed to replace this ad-hoc exploration with a more structured(More)
Microblogging data is growing at a rapid pace. This poses new challenges to the data management systems, such as graph databases, that are typically suitable for analyzing such data. In this paper, we share our experience on executing a wide variety of micro-blogging queries on two popular graph databases: Neo4j and Sparksee. Our queries are designed to be(More)
Given a directed graph, how should we label both its outgoing and incoming edges to achieve better disk locality and support neighborhood-related edge queries? In this paper, we answer this question with edge-labeling schemes GrdRandom and FlipInOut, to label edges with integers based on the premise that edges should be assigned integer identifiers(More)
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