Oseni Kehinde Owolarafe

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An assessment of the oil palm plantation management and fruit supply, under the Indian contract-growers scheme was conducted in this study. Data was collected from about 96 plantations on the age of plantation, size of plantation, cost of establishment, maintenance practices and cost , yield of fresh fruit bunches, profitability of the scheme for the(More)
A locust bean steaming, dehulling and separating machine was designed in this study by simulating the traditional processing operations. The machine consist of pressure cooking pot (as the cooking device) mounted on a separate stand and equipped with rocker- arm system to facilitate discharge of contents, a hopper made of mild steel sheet, the dehulling(More)
Plantains are usually processed after harvesting in order to increase its shelf life. However, the human cost of such processing is enormous and impacts negatively on the economic benefits derivable from plantain production. Therefore, the development of appropriate, low-cost, easy to operate and maintain plantain slicer is long overdue. This paper presents(More)
A kolanut peeling machine was designed, constructed and evaluated for the postharvest processing of the seed. The peeling machine consists of a standing frame, peeling unit and hopper. The peeling unit consists of a special paddle, which mixes the kolanut, rubs them against one another and against the wall of the barrel and also conveys the kolanut to the(More)
Seed oil expression is an important economic venture in rural Nigeria. The traditional techniques of carrying out the operation is not only energy sapping and time consuming but also wasteful. In order to reduce the tedium involved in the expression of oil from moringa oleifera seed and develop efficient equipment for carrying out the operation, the oil(More)
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